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Well structured with a dark garnet color and lots of spice, this Italian Zinfandel carries our terroir perfectly with its full, mild, but very complex taste. Native to Southern Italy, this is the same variety Horace praised 2000 years ago. Our 2001 has already won "Best of Show" and "Best Lake County Wine" awards. Our 2002 won a gold medal at the 2005 Cal-Italia Festival. For those who truly love Zinfandels. Aged 24 months in oak.


Full bodied with deep ruby color, high acidity with low natural tannins. We age ours in mixed oak for 24 months to balance the fruit and acidity. This is one of Italy's most planted varietals, originating in the Piedmont area. It often outperforms more popular Nebbiolos, surprising many with its character. A bronze medal winner at the 2006 Orange County Fair.


Another Piedmont varietal with beautiful color, this early ripener has relatively low acidity and significantly high tannins, often surprising those expecting a sweet wine. Although usually consumed as a local, unaged, everyday wine, ours is aged for 14 months in mellow oak to preserve the fresh fruit up front, enhancing its great nose and singular character. A gold medal winner at the 2006 Orange County Fair.


Of Greek extraction and grown in Southern Italy, this varietal loves volcanic soil just like our own. A powerful, rich grape with intense and lush flavors and beautiful color, it takes to aging very well, curtailing its tendency to go out of control. We believe this varietal has tremendous potential when carefully attended to. Our first vintage, 2004, received a bronze medal at the 2006 Orange County Fair.


Vinted from local grapes, our Syrah is well rounded, fruity and smooth. Aged 24 months in oak.


Our only white varietal, aged for over a year in a mixture of French and Hungarian oak barrels. We believe this aging is necessary to develop the roundness of flavors while preserving the crisp finish.


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